Martes, Hulyo 2, 2013

New Reborn Vs Naruto 4.6c Map Download

Map New Reborn Vs Naruto 4.6c.w3x by Nookaiser (Edit by Kangtooje & Sphoenix)

Feast your eyes with this custom map inspired by popular Japanese animation series Naruto.New Reborn Vs Naruto brings a lot to the Dota market where you can have so many things to do.It was not mediocre at best, but something that would give Dota Imba a run for their money.Your ride to stardom is just a download away where you can feel the wrath of Naruto in this custom Dota map.Do you have anything to say about New Reborn Vs Naruto? Say it loud and clear where the upper management at IceFrog office can hear you.
Let’s beat all the heroes in Warcraft Dota.
Aos 3 way 30 Hero
  • Fix new Terrain
  • Fix bug Version 
  • Fix Xanxus’s Skills
  • Fix Laxus’s mp cost and damage
  • Fix Naruto’s Skills

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