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Anime Battle Character 1.4.1 – ABC v1.4.1.w3x

Map Anime Battle Character 1.4.1 – ABC v1.3.w3x by thomasinow & Deckai
ABC features an unique cast of different anime and manga characters and a myriad of custom features, combining both familiar and fresh gaming concepts in fierce battles filled with powerful spells. 

Full Changelog 1.4.1:
Main Updates:

- Added new character, Fate Testarossa from Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha.
- Added new selection unit for character and building.
- Added new point target effect.
- Added new health bar interface.
- Implemented an easy global access shopping system, you can now either click directly on the shop’s model or press Escape button at any location on the map to open the shop. Bought items are automatically stored inside Circle of Power if the buyer is not within shopping range.
- Items in the shop are now shown on a picking table like how Character Picking System works. Due to which, items’ restock time is now instant.
- Replaced sound of pudge’s “KILL!!” sound to Crusis Fatal Fake “DOWN!!” sound when kill.
- Replaced normal bgm to Cadena from Atelier Meruru OST.
- Added new command [-hero (hero's nickname)] to summon that character (Single Player only).
- Added new command [-herolist] to see every hero’s nickname (Single Player only).
- If –ar is used, the random button will be shown as selected character.
- If -pa is used, player 1 cannot use -random command until AI picking phase is finished.
- Fixed -random related bugs.
- Added a much better dead visual effect.
- Added a much better level up visual effect.
- Terrain is now smaller and some unequal grounds removed.
- Removed 4 creep camps as the playable area is now smaller.
- Gold loss on dead now only applies to units on a killing streak.
- Suicide reduces respawning time by half and does not reduce gold.
- Trees at main playing ground are now moved to corners.
- Removed the fountain at the center of the duel arena.
- Removed weather at the main playing ground. Greatly reducing lag problem.
- The game is no longer totally paused when winning condition reached.
- Floating skill’s name when a skill is cast now can only be seen by its caster.
- Damage counter can only be seen by the damage source and the damaged unit.
- 1000 damage counter (red) can only be seen by the damaging unit and the damaged unit.
- Combo damage counter (yellow) now counts damage from summoned units under combo-ing hero’s command too.
- Fog of war’s density is reduced.
- Vector Plate’s AoE and triggering AoE is now matched.
- Camera is now smoother.
- Units revived during the duel will be paused.
- Unknown Crate’s name is corrected and fixed their respawn position.
- All Critical Strike deals damage before reduction.
- Damage blocking abilities are now able to reduce damage that is higher than user’s max HP.
- AI’s bonus experience and gold gain is reduced.
- AI’s starting gold is reduced.

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